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[ V o i c e ]

Character: Link
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Player Name: Hero

[A new connection appears on the network. Someone seems to be fumbling with the controls of their communicator and it takes them a few minutes to realize that it's on... and recording.]

Is... is anyone there? Can anyone tell just what exactly this place is? And why I appear to be in a dome underwater? I need to get back to the surface. Fast. [The young male voice coughs hard.] Ugh. I'm soaked to the bone.

[Another pause.]

...And has anyone seen a longsword with a blue-and-green handle? A large shield, too.
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video (haha sorry didn't see yours was voice)

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You! What are you doing here?! Go away!!

[It's like looking in a weird, monochrome mirror... Y'know, with different bangs. His voice sounds pretty much exactly the same, too, which is probably how he knew who it was. Or thinks he knows.]
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Who the hell is Ghirahim?! I look like you because my master made me that way but you killed me!! You won, okay?! Just stay away from me! I'm not you and I'm my own person now and you can't change that so just leave me alone!

[Sola, for that's the name he's adopted, at second glance looks more afraid than threatening.]
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You big fat liar! You smashed me with a hammer!

[He sputters for a moment then covers his face, voice muffled across the feed.]

I don't even care anymore. You can even have Zelda; she only loves you anyway. I just want to be my own person...
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[Eyebrows furrowed, Sola looks at the feed again.]

You can't. We're stuck. What's a Skyloft?
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You're not from the sky, you're from the forest, and my master's a dark lord. And of course I know about Zelda. You're in love with her and I feel the stuff you do, plus my master wanted her but I wasn't gonna let him.

[He folds his arms, unaware he's not making sense to Link.]

Then you killed me instead.

[Funny how he keeps leaving out the part where he tried to kill Link first...]
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[personal profile] replicatedcourage 2012-03-21 04:54 pm (UTC)(link)'re not making any sense. How did you manage to defeat Master Ganondorf when you don't even know that much?

[Geeze, so blunt! And nevermind the fact that he only really learned about Hyrule recently. Being a miniboss doesn't let you get around much.]
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[No matter how many centuries and generations pass, Link and Zelda both tend to look almost exactly the same no matter what the incarnation. And so, when Zelda's making her rounds looking for new arrivals (it is, after all, that time of month) she recognizes Link right away.]

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My harp...?

[Something seems just a little off to her, but she can't place her finger on it. Link might feel the same way - this Zelda is just a little older, her hair is different, and her clothing is regal. She takes out her harp. It is most assuredly the same one, but it's tarnished ever so slightly by age.]

It is right here. I received it back near the Winter Solstice. But that's strange, events here should not affect the outside world.

[She purses her lips in thought.]

Can you tell me about the last event that occurred for you back home, Link? Time passes differently in this place, it's possible we have been pulled from different points in time.
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[Action] 1/2

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[Zelda bites down on her lip, thinking. Where had she heard that name before? Only in the most ancient and vague of Impa's stories.

Which must mean...]

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[That this wasn't the Link she knew. This was the hero from before, the one alluded to in a history just outside of recorded time; the original bearer of the Master Sword. He was called Link, too. And he called her Zelda. Usually one to avoid touching the coral, she has to lean on it for support as her mind flashes back to the first time she met Link.

"What is your name? Link... sounds somehow... familiar."]

Oh goddesses...
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[She draws her head up, forcing a calm expression onto her face. This may not be the Link that she knows, but it won't do to cause him to panic.]

Listen to me, Link. This place is known as Vatheon. It pulls people from many different worlds and times. In this case... it has pulled us from the same world, but from very different times. Demise has been gone for so long where I am from that only the Sheikah remember the name.

I don't believe that I am the Zelda you know.
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You did.

[Without really thinking, she takes his hands to try and calm him.]

Please do not despair. I know that you must be worried about our home, but time does not pass in the outside world while we are in this place. Everything will be just fine.
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Impa? She is my guardian. The Sheikah are small tribe to be sure, but I do not think that she is the last. They have guarded the royal family for time out of mind. It is their duty.

[Zelda tilts her head curiously at Link.]

Is that not so in the past?
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[Action] ((I've had her last name as Hylia since like 2003, SS made me die of happiness))

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[...does the tiara not clue him in?]

Yes, there is. I am Hyrule's princess, Zelda Hylia. Perhaps in your time we had not yet formed?
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The surface? You mean to say that our people actually came from the sky?

[Zelda looks delighted to have this obscure piece of history confirmed.]

How fascinating! Ah, but excuse me, you're all wet! Come, let's get you dried off.

[She reaches for a towel and holds it out to him, then motions for him to follow. She's got a Zora tunic back at her house just in case the bubble breaks, and he can wear Zelos's pants with it... right?]
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I was just thinking the same thing! Because yes, he sounds like Link to me~